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Phra Nakhon Khiri- Elephant Village



 By  Van

Departure: Every Day



Day1                Morning    Kantawat tour staff pick you up at the airport and handle on your luggage

10.00               Visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market , the floating market full of paddle boats containing                    local goods. The vendors, wearing farmer clothes with palm-leaf hats, paddling their boat                            around to sell their products as in the old time that water transportation was the main mean of                       transport. Nowadays, numerous foreign and Thai tourists regularly come to see Thai style of   life in the hundred-year Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

11.00               Visit Talat Rom Hup, also known as Railway Market  where you can truly enjoy local Thai                       way of life. The  locals call the railway market as “Risky Market”,located in

Samut Songkhram.  This market is unique as there are trains pass through the middle of the                         market. When a train is coming, the vendors will take their stuff out of the railway and fold  their umbrellas and awning. After the train has gone, this is like a magic that the vendors will

reopen theier umbrellas and awning and take their products  back beside the railway as if                             nothing   happened.

12.00               Lunch Time (independent)

14.00               Get on a tram and tour around Phra Nakhon Khiri, one of the key attractions of Phetchaburi. The palace situated on the peak of a beautiful mountain full of  plumaria flowers. (Excluding fair Nieto visited the place.)

16.00               Drive to Hua Hin and have a relaxing time with Thai massage (for 2 hours, each tourist pay his/her message price.)

18.00               Dinner time (independent) then visit Chatsila Market where you can find local food, sweets, clothes and souvenirs.

19.00               Drop you off at the hotel

Day2               07.00   Have breakfast at the hotel

09.00               Visit  Hua Hin Railway station, a good place for taking memorable pictures for tourists

10.30               Visit KaoTakiab , a beautiful and peaceful beach with a clean white sand and then go to pay homage to Buddha relics in Kao Takiab temple. The relics are placed on movable throne hanged on the wall highly enough to be seen.

11.00                Plearnwan Market, let’s go back to old time with the antique market where you can shop and enjoy taking photos all around the well-decorated market.

12.00               Lunch Time(independent)

14.00               Visit Sam Phan Nam Floating Market, its charm is locals selling various kind of food on paddle boats in a large pond. There are also clothes and souvenirs shops in the market.

15.00               Visit  Hua Hin Tique to watch various amazing animal shows(Excluding fair Nieto visited the place.)

16.00               Shop at Market Village, a shopping center where you can buy clothes, bags, shoes

17.00               Have a relaxing time with Thai massage (for 2 hours, each tourist pay his/her message price.)

19.00               Dinner Time(independent)

20.00               Drop you off at the hotel.

Day3                07.00   Have breakfast at the hotel

09.00               Visit Elephant Village.  Enjoy beautiful nature and have a great time with lovely elephants. (The price for elephant riding is not included)

12.00               Lunch time (independent)

After lunch, you will be dropped off at the airport or hotel in Bangkok safely.




The  prices  for  private tour(1-9 persons)  start  from                             Thai  Baht 

Valid  until 01 Dec 2016 to 31 Dec 2017.

The  price  includes
  • Air-conditioned van and gas and
  • Guide Driver
  • Non-life insurance and travel insurance 1,000,000.00 baht/person (one million baht)

Injury Insurance 500,000 baht (five hundred thousand baht)        comply with insurance policy   


The prices exclude

û    Meal                         û Hotel

     û      Tips for tour guide and van driver

      û      Massage price        û English  Guide  or  Chariness  Guide  (2,000.-/day)

     û     Excluding fair Nieto visited the place at Phra Nakhon Khiri , Hua Hin Tique.


Services according to specific programs. In addition to program additional charge 500 baht each point (why Hua Hin ,Petchaburi only.)